Bitcoin Miner Software

What Bitcoin Miner

Software Should You

Be Using?

bitcoin miner software

So exactly what bitcoin miner software should you be using, and which performs the best?

For a complete list of PC based bitmining software including mobile apps (android and Apple) please refer to the following Bitcoin Wiki:

How hard is this to crack? Everything on the Internet needs a source code to exist on the Internet. All of that source code is created by someone and can be seen too. Could the source code be randomly generated like the numbers on paper money?

If you paid someone with your Bitcoins, it should be track able like money is supposed to be. What if someone wanted to add a message to their bitcoin? People seem to like writing on their dollar bills sometimes. Could your Bitcoins develop a history, like when people fins traces of cocaine on dollar bills? These are the questions that keep me up at night. Thank you.

A few years ago it’s all people talked about. I don’t hear a buzz today. Plus, isn’t the Second life currency the same as bitcoin?

I was actually seeing some new higher powered gear. Plus with bitcoins being so high these days. Saw and read about this: 4.5 GH/s Bitcoin Miner BitForce Jalapeno

You could join one of the many co-operative mining ventures and get minuscule paybacks that way, but the costs remain the same.

The Bitcoin forums have extensive discussions on appropriate cards and many of the dedicated miners use purpose-built multi-GPU rigs.

I don’t know what you’re working through but good luck with that. ‘Couldn’t care less’ was a hyperbole. I have pieces of information about the accused party but that isn’t enough for them to send the hounds. I filed a police report immediately but if you spend time in computers I know you know that police are entirely inept. Not an insult – they’re just not superheros who can thrive at everything.

Cybercrime is also a very difficult undertaking. Examples: double points for Holden for guessing Bitcoin as one, PayPal was another, Bank of America was another so yes, presumably they have a key logger. I think they established remote access.

I don’t know much about security. I didn’t install anything myself, I’m pretty sure of that. I just run basic Norton IS2012 on defaults. It always worked before. I don’t engage in any particularly risky behavior online, or in real life where it’d follow me to the interwebz.

Anyway, I’m looking to fact-find basically. Or avenge myself. Whatever seems right as we play it by ear. I’m willing to spend several hundred but beyond that, fire with fire just ends in a lot of ash. And I don’t want to be the perpetrator. This thread doesn’t seem like it’s aimed to be productive. I’m interested in hiring someone who is capable of accomplishing my goals. If none of you will bite, let this die.


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